Our grandfather Mumin Kamil had entered the sector by purchasing wheat, sunflower, paddy during 1920’s and then he continued with the trading of those products. He started to load grains to İstanbul with small ships with a capacity of 300mt from the ports he formed at the villages Sultaniçe and İbrice. This was the first in Thrace. Later İsmail Yetiş started rice trading and he joined İstanbul Commodity Exchange Center at 26.09.1956 as a 788’th member. He had been known as a Rice King for so long in Turkey’s rice market.

Ismail Yetiş institutionalized his business with his sons and established Yetiş Gıda A.Ş in 1982. Yetiş Gıda had kept it’s leadership position for a long time in the rice market.

Turgay Yetiş as Multigrain beside rice and grain businesse, has also entered paddy machinery business in the year 2000. Being specialized at paddy milling, grain drying, storing and packing; the company has lead to successful investments in many countries.

With the contracted representations we have become a professional distributor and has enabled us to reach our position today. Our acknowledge, gained during the decades and our experiences help us reach this professionality.

BBy selling produced or representative machineries; installing turkey facilities today Multigrain succeeded to join the well known companies of the sector.


By the rice and grain trading which has been done by our company for years and the facilities which has been installed around the world; we formed close circuit trading networks. MultiTrade trading network is mediating between the companies’ rice and grain trading business.


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